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Singles' Evening:

Jazz S'lichot Service & Reception


 Date: Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014

Time: 8:00 to 10:30 p.m.

Place: Temple Beth Avodah, 45 Puddingstone Lane, Newton, Mass.

Ages: Jewish singles 45 to 65

Cost: $15

How the evening will unfold:

8:00-8:45 p.m. Honey-tasting (acacia honey, mesquite honey, and manuka honey), honey beer, and mead (honey wine).

8:45-9:35 p.m. Jazz S'lichot service. S'lichot, which can translate as "forgiveness,” is the service on a Saturday night before Rosh Hashannah. Temple Beth Avodah will conduct a jazz service and will graciously set aside seating for singles.

9:35-10:30 p.m. Coffee, dessert, and conversation. Temple Beth Avodah will graciously provide a singles-only reception room. 

The Guy Mendilow Ensemble – the group that will be easing us into the season of forgiveness – describes itself as “an award winning sextet comprised of world-class musicians representing Argentina, Israel, Palestine, Japan, the USA and the UK. Formed in 2004, the Ensemble has been enthusiastically received in venues ranging from world and traditional music festivals to performing arts centers, progressive Jewish organizations and universities.”

(Pre- and post-service receptions are not kosher, although one honey is hekshered and one claims to be kosher.)

Registration required! Sorry, no walk-ins. Click for registration form.

(You can walk into the service without registering, and Temple Beth Avodah will welcome you. But for the singles' component of the evening, you must register.)

Your registration and check must arrive by Thursday, Sept. 18. If they arrive on the day of the event, or the day before, you will be too late to register.

RSVP mechanics (kind of important)

This will be a gender-balanced event! Therefore:

• A woman and man who RSVP in the same envelope will both go on the guest list.
• A woman or man who RSVPs "solo" will go on the guest list if the number of women and men participants is not imbalanced.
• If the number is imbalanced, a "solo" woman or man will go on the wait list until a "solo" member of the opposite sex RSVPs. 

Why is the host doing it this way? Not to exclude anyone, but to improve the "singles" experience of the event for participants. 

To increase your chances of getting on the guest list, recruit a member of the opposite sex to attend and RSVP at the same time; or RSVP early. 

How to recruit a member of the opposite sex

You are not registered until you have received an email or phone call from the host confirming that you are on the guest list. Sending in a check by itself does not register you.  

If you send in a check, but do not make it on to the guest list, the host won’t cash your check. How will you know if you've made it on to the guest list? The host will stay in touch with you. Some people don't like the guest list-wait list thing, but participants do like the resulting gender-balanced event. 

Notes from the host

•The singles' event is a unified whole and your participation is needed for the whole event. Please don't plan to arrive late or leave early. Please don't plan to come just for the service or just for the post-service reception. If you have other things to attend on that night, please let someone else attend this entire event.

• I regret that I cannot accommodate walk-ins. If you show up at the event without a confirmed registration, I regret that I will not be able to talk to you about my events in general or discuss why walk-ins are not feasible. I'll have an event to run. I hope you understand. If you want to discuss before or after the event why walk-ins are not feasible, please contact me. 

• Please don’t try to skip the waiting list, slip in for free, or otherwise evade the event parameters. Please be a mensh; I’m doing this as a community service -- and a mitzvah, I hope.

Click for registration form.